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Bizon Rekord Z058 NH v1.0

Bizon Rekord Z058 NH v1.0


Video Showcase:

Bizon Rekord Z058 NH v1.0 Mod for Farming Simulator 2017.


  • Washable.
  • IC panel in the cabin and can be opening door and window.
  • Joystick animation.
  • Movable pulleys.
  • Selection options.
  • Moving parts.
  • Movable wajchy.
  • Full lighting;
  • Modified model;
  • A configuration of the forage harvester.
  • Opened flaps for the X key [information is displayed when approaching the flap].
  • Removal/installation of the forage harvester belt.
  • Removal/installation of field dividers.

Download Links:

  • The Link #1 = Combine
  • The Link #2 = Heder

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