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Schmitz S.KO Express + Folding Wall

Schmitz S.KO Express + Folding Wall


Video Showcase:

Schmitz S.KO Express mod is a rework of the standalone Schmitz SKO trailer by RommiTZ, adds support for all current game features.


  • Trailer ownership support.
  • Freight market support.
  • Fully standalone.
  • SCS cargoes.
  • Advanced coupling.
  • Animated landing gear.
  • Skinable.
  • Liftable axle.
  • Realistic weight.
  • Custom Schmitz wheels by abasstreppas.
  • 16 real company skins + 7 basic color variants.
  • Enabled in traffic.
  • Realistic reflections.
  • Cable physics support.

Update Logs:

  • Fixed issue with freight market definitions.
  • Adjusted wheel tire offset values, fixed issues with Hankook tires and Alcoa rims, added real grip/resitance/noise values.
  • Temporary blocked use of Hankook tires on the Alcoa rim due to the gap between models.


  • Rework: obelihnio
  • Original authors: Rommi TZ, Sib3rius, Sheryo
  • Wheel authors: abasstreppas (3D Model), obelihnio (adaptation to trailer ownership).
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