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RealSpeedAI v1.3c

RealSpeedAI v1.3c


RealSpeedAI v1.3c mod is gathering real car‘s performance data, tweak their(Ai cars, buses, trucks, vans, etc.) game setting: mass, top speed, acceleration (by speed & gear ratio). Make their accelerate and speed more really.

Support game version: v1.31.X and v1.32.X

Update Logs:

  • Further tweaked ai cars.
    • Increase acceleration(v1.2 looks too slow).
    • Reduce top speed, now 87 modded ai cars have an average 165kph top speed.
  • Add hasty(accelerate faster) and caution(accelerate slower) ai cars(32+32, totally 64 variable).
  • Speed limit modifies removed, kept original until I find a better way.
  • Increase the ai cars spawn number.


RealSpeedAI v1.3c will change road speed limit files for AI. So would not perform perfectly if other mod which changed speed limit and prior to this mod.

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